Lost car keys 


Helpful tips when you have lost your car keys

Try to stay calm and think of places you have been and when you last had them. A good way of staying calm is to take deep breaths the flow of oxygen in your body helps you calm down.

▪     Make sure you look slowly and methodically where your keys should. Check in locations near where your keys, fob or remote control should be. You may have been interrupted when putting them in their place and may have put them their instead.

▪     Ask family members if they have seen them especially your children. Quite often young children like to play with keys. If they are too young to tell you check the toy box or their bedroom.

▪     Think when you had them last and try to remember what you were doing when you last had them.

▪     A good way of preventing this from happening is to purchase a wireless key finder. They don’t cost very much to buy yet they would save you time and money in the long run if you are prone to losing your keys.

So if all your efforts are in vane and you still can’t find your keys we will make the job of replacing your key, fob, remote control or key card for your car or van as hassle free as possible. We will come to you normally within the hour and programme new keys to your vehicle at a very reasonable cost.